Solutions journalism can be defined as critically examining possible solutions to social problems. But, does it have the impact it claims to make? Following my reporting on early years education, I assess whether solutions journalism really did shape my output.

Salford Royal Hospital — Picture source: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Exploring the techniques used in this article by the Financial Times

Interactive techniques are widely used | Picture source: Financial Times via:

What worked well, what could have been improved and how I will use some of the narrative techniques in my podcast

The digital side of the health service | Picture source: Spotify (Via: NHS Podcast)

The editorial decisions I made and why I made them

Social media has many avenues for writing | Picture source: Pixabay

Are the British population avoiding mental health services?

Picture source: NHS in Mind

Picture source: Jon Candy (Via: Flickr)

Google conference

How a piece of sports journalism is crafted to produce an impactful story

The Athletic logo. (Source: The Athletic. Via: Twitter)

George Willoughby

Journalism graduate from Cardiff University. Currently studying an MA in Data Journalism from Birmingham City University.

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